Back Workouts

back workouts

Hello friends! Today I am going to share the fabulous routine related to back workouts.All you have to do in workouts is to do hard work.With these great back workouts, you will achieve your desired goals. With these back workouts, you will get a good physique guaranteed.

Back Workouts:

  • Deadlift :It is one of the most effective excercise .Beacuse it covers both the upper back and the lower back.It is the most effective testosterone building excercise.It is helpful in strength trainning.
  • Wide grip pullups:It is important part of back workouts as you pull your body weight.It is a strength building excercise.For great shape you must do wide grip pullups.
  • Single Arm Rowing:To get bigger wings ,you must do single arm rowing excercise.You will look broad by doing these workouts.This excercise also focuses on biceps muscle as well.
  • Pullovers:To get a thick back,you must follow pullover workouts.4 sets are required with heavy weights.Increase weight in each set to build muscle and make a deep back.

back workouts

 Diet for back workouts:

  1. Proper protein should be given to body for amazing back .
  2. High fiber diet should be taken .
  3. 750ml milk should be taken in a day.
  4. Avoid over eating ,divide your meals into 6 parts for a day.
  5. Consume 4-5 litres of water dialy.

high protein diet recepies for back workouts

High protein recepies for back workouts:

  • 5 egg whites with sweet corns and fruits like strawberry,orange,grapes etc.
  • Take 150 ml of curd and mix one scoop of whey protein in it and consume it .
  • Take 2 brown bread and consume it peanut butter.
  • Consume 200 gm of chicken breast with pineapple juice.

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donts of back workouts

  1. Dont do cobra strecth if you are sufferring from lower back injuries
  2. Dont do abdominal crunches as it will put strain on lower back.
  3. Dont try spinal twists.It can injure you.
  4. Avoid doing burpees as it can cause serious muscles injuries.
  5. While performing high knees jump you should be extra carefull.